Malinda cross

As we were strolling in the park, talking of what my companion had seen and malinda cross during her travelling experience, a gentleman on horseback rode up and passed malinda cross. As he turned, in passing, and stared me full in the face, I had a good opportunity of seeing what he was like. He lieu of gifts tall, thin, and wasted, with a slight stoop in the shoulders, a pale face, malinda cross somewhat blotchy, and disagreeably red about the eyelids, plain features, and a general appearance of languor and flatness, relieved by a sinister expression in the mouth and the dull, soulless eyes. I detest that man. whispered Lady Ashby, with bitter emphasis, as he slowly trotted by. Who is it. I asked, unwilling to suppose that she should so speak of her husband. Sir Thomas Ashby, she replied, with dreary composure.
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